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While at the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, the principals of PGS initiated its “Planning for Greatness” program – the first-ever Strategic Planning effort for this governmental agency.  Implementation of a program which incorporated operational and financial planning solidified resilience to deal with both predictable and unforeseen events and circumstances.

The Building Blocks for Planning for Greatness
PGS believes that great results require great planning which includes essential elements -- a vision of the future, a road map for action, an alignment of resources and proper execution.  All of which result in financial and operational performance improvement.

A sound planning and budgeting process involves several key activities:

• Setting the right direction through Strategic Planning
• Determining barometers of success through Performance Measures
• Measuring the business’ financial potential  through Forecasting
• Setting expectations through Target Development
• Translating strategy into tactics through Business Planning
• Translating tactics into detailed financials through Detailed Budgeting

Strategic Management Consulting
PGS provides expertise to government agencies seeking to strengthen public services through financial and operational improvements.  PGS offers the following services:

• Strategic Planning
• Development of Performance Measurements
• Budget Planning
• Operational Reviews
• Revenue Enhancement
• Privatization Analysis

The primary goal is to implement continuous improvement initiatives resulting in financial health and improved service offerings.
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