Peralta Garcia Solutions assists clients by growing and strengthening their profitability and efficiency. A successful organization enjoys not only fiscal health and sustained growth but also a highly performing workforce and continually improving operations.  

The path to this success can only be found in the complete integration of both financial and management solutions. Peralta Garcia Solutions provides these solutions through the unique experience and expertise of its principals

Peralta Garcia Solutions (PGS) is an independent minority + women owned financial advisory and management consulting firm providing services to governments, not-for-profits, and companies who understand the benefits of a fresh, yet seasoned perspective.

Key practice areas of Peralta Garcia Solutions include:

Financial advisory services
Strategic consulting

Operational consulting
Project management services

Peralta Garcia Solutions delivers results and improved financial and operational performance - whether that is in providing financial advisory services, developing strategic plans, structuring a privatization effort, or in the implementation of organizational efficiencies.

Commitment to continuous improvement through innovation and creativity.
Commitment to integrity and accountability in everything we do.
Commitment to collaboration resulting in consensus-built execution.

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