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Job Opportunities

Title: Auditor

Duties: Auditing and interpreting aviation contracts, task orders, project plans, and work authorizations to determine if the payment requests adhere to the agreements. Auditing of administrative, construction, land acquisition and professional services invoices, expenditure forms and other financial documents according to the task order, contract or agreement terms.  Review and audit employee Status Rate Change requests, Travel, Financial Expenditures, Work Authorizations and RSA request.  Maintenance of files for all contracts, Status Rate Change requests, Travel and other expenditure approvals, and Work Authorization.  Create audit exception reports and findings and distribute via emails to vendors.  Respond to vendor requests pertaining to payments, exception and inquiries.  Budget review, reporting and tracking for the major contract leads to expenditures and invoice approval.  Ad-hoc audits and projects.

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance and two years of experience in job or related occupation.  Alternative requirement of Master’s degree in Accounting or Finance is acceptable

Job Location: 10510 W. Zemke Road, Chicago, IL  60666

Contact: careers@peraltagarcia.com           

Principal: Gail Steffen



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